2006 Chevrolet 3500

Classic Car Collection Support Truck

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas

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2006 Chevrolet 3500!

2006 Chevrolet 3500 HD Dually. Koenig extra wide HD service bed.  Bought new here in Dallas, it has never left the area.  6.0 Vortec/4L80/4:10 Posi/HD Cooling and Trailer truck.  Front/rear bars, large rear anti-sway system, brake controller and more.  Interior is very commercial in options as this is a commercial chassis truck...nothing but the basics, AC, cruise AM/FM.. and I like it this way!   However it looks nothing like a work truck inside in terms of condition.  Seen 200 mile work trucks worse.  Under 60K miles.  Original paint, no dings or dents, show level condition.... really.... nothing like you would expect...

Kept in the spirit of the collection and as representation of the collection, this ultra nice service truck does our dirty work.  If you think what we do is dirty compared to anything anyone else would put one of these trucks through, I am being quite facetious.  Since my other dually has never hit a water puddle or sat in the sun for more than a few hours...and my suburban is way too nice to use to haul car parts, etc.  This truck is more of a normal truck to service the "collection" get parts, tow trailers, etc....But kept at a level far beyond Joe Mechanic's finest pride of the fleet truck.   It is more like high sponsored race team truck that has a team of people to do nothing but make it look good.



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