1962 Corvette 340HP 4-Speed

 Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


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This is an all numbers matching '62 Corvette with 4 spd., and the Optional 340 hp solid lifter 327 cu in engine. When I say all numbers Matching I mean the engine, transmission, and even the diff. are original to this car. The roman red with red interior is as the day it left the factory. This car has a no hit body on a perfect frame.
The underneath looks as good as the top side too. I mention all these things up front since this mean so much to the typical vette buyer,
and because there are a lot of cobbled together straight axle vettes out there. Some of the pics show the reproduction bias ply tires with
their original wheels and hubcaps. That is great for originality but horrible for drivability. So the 15x7 truspoke wire wheels on modern
Michelin radials not only make the car look better but also make it drive literally 90% better. This car has had just enough
restoration to keep it looking fresh. Despite the criticisms that these cars drive like pure crap I would just like to add that they
drive pretty well when everything is put back together correctly. With the 340 hp engine this vette is still able to outpace modern
traffic until a curve or stop is required. Not to rag on the car, but technology has moved forward a long way since these were built. I will put this vette up against any
stock porsche or jaguar of the same era. And the biggest benefit of the crude American is that it will start after the race, and before
the race, and even a few months down the road regardless.  Eat your heart out all you American car haters and keep on keeping your "mechanics" rich.  We need the money to buy more cars like this.


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