1969 Cadillac Fleetwood

 Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


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Wow.  This is the nicest '69 original, all option, Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham I have ever seen and that comes from a person who has seen just about all of them.  What makes this one so special, besides the custom ordered color combination, is how well preserved this specimen is.  I have seen 500 mile garage kept cars that are almost as old and not in as good condition.  The engine bay tells it all, there is no repaint or sloppy Armour All hiding surface corrosion or neglected paint. The air cleaner is shiny and perfect, the 472 cu in sticker on it is pristine.  The valve covers still retain their shiny original paint, as well as the radiator support and fender liners.  Even the anodized hood latch and hood hinges still show their factory gold color.  The factory white vinyl top has no bubbles underneath it at all.  Trunk, spare and jack are as new and never removed.


To top it all off, the ORIGINAL PAINT is the best I have seen on ANY car this old.  It is not crazing, it is not faded, it is stunning that such a sensitive firemist color lasted so long on this car.  It is a testament to the ONE FAMILY/ WEST TEXAS ownership this car had, and ALL the records from day one are there to prove it.  When I saw this car in person I bought it immediately without thought.  No regrets.  Everything works!  The interior is without flaw, and the true test of any Cadillac's proper storage, the interior plastic chrome is shiny and all there without any wear spots.  Seats and carpet, including the stunning chrome footrests are like new.  


The odometer does this car a great disservice.  It looks and drives like a 10k mile car.  It is actually 54K.   The 472 cu in has tons of power and can easily keep up with today's traffic unlike most cars of that era.  I really have great fun cruising in this Fleetwood Brougham with the A/C on and the 8 track playing some period tunes.  This is a collector car that is still a pleasure to drive when compared to contemporary luxury cars.  That it's so well preserved on top of being an all option original only adds to the pride.  This is one car that all I say when anyone questions or nit picks its integrity is "find a better one".  That is my claim on this one.  I am confident you are looking at the best original 1969 Fleetwood on earth.

Vintage Wires + New Vogues Added 2/2008! originals bagged.


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