Jeep CJ7

Factory V8 - T18 4 Speed - Disk Brakes

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas

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1977 CJ7 Factory 304 V8.  T18-4 Speed, Dana 300 Transfer, Disk Brakes, Selectro Hubs, Power Steering.  This is a 40K original mile V8 CJ7, however some things have obviously been upgraded on it.  It is now what I would consider the best of the best setups in a CJ7 using original hardware.  Its not some off road beater or a wild setup rock crawler, however its capabilities are quite impressive, yet 100% drivable and in show condition.  For the most part the jeep is a factory setup and maintains factory integrity.  There is something to be said for that if you have been around the block on old Jeeps.  The body has been taken off, painted VERY nice and the interior floor is 100% rhino lined.  The undercarriage is highly detailed as with every aspect of this Jeep.   The motor is an untouched original and it has not ever been out of the frame.   The Jeep has an incredible dual exhaust system using stock manifolds and flowmasters, a set of valve covers and a K&N air cleaner.  Other than that the 304 is a 40K mile original engine maintaining all factory integrity and reliability.  Its sound is what most jeeps can only dream of having too with the rare V8 and great exhaust system.

The front Dana 36 is from a 79 with disk brakes as 77 had front drums.  The master cyl and lines were changed to the factory 79 disk brake parts.  It is open 3:31 with nice Selectro hubs. The rear end is the good heavy duty model 20 Diff with a locker and 3:31s.  The Jeep has Rancho 5000s and a 4" lift. As mentioned this has the T18 4 speed, which is the BEST off road transmission ever built with its granny 1st gear and heavy duty case.  The Dana 300 transfer case is the one to have too.  Driveshafts have been modified properly and balanced. Wheels are American Pioneer 15x10 with BFG 33x12.50s.  Winch is a Ramsey 5K, bumpers obvious popular aftermarket models.  This Jeep HAS the factory HARD TOP AND DOORS TOO, although I have not put them back on since the body was refinished.   The interior with the Rhino lined floor is 100% weatherproof and can be hosed off to clean with drains in it.  Seats are aftermarket all weather heavy duty.  It goes without saying, this is a NO RUST EVER Jeep.  Since this Jeep was upgraded, it has about 1500 miles on it, thus ALL the bugs are out if it.  It has the factory working heater and the factory AMC AM radio. 

If you ever wanted the best of the best CJ7s with the best of the best hardware, capable of going anywhere, take to shows, and has VERY HIGH resale value,  One like this is as good as you will see.



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