1978 Cadillac Seville

5.7 Liter - Black/Black - 14K Miles

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas - 214-878-3823

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1978 Cadillac Seville!

1978 Cadillac Seville -Black/Black/Black 14K Miles. Original Time Capsule.  This is a one owner car that is a rare Canadian export model with 23K KM or 14K miles.  It is optioned well with the rarely seen cloth interior.   A huge bonus in my book over leather.  It is a survivor to the purist extent of that word.  All of the car is original with the exception of the wheels.  This year came with the dreaded English Dunlop made wires that would not hold air, balance or even sit right.  It took GM 3 years to figure out they were junk due to the fact it was an option and few cars got them to begin with.  There is nothing positive about those wheels.  Those wheels may have even been a factor into this cars phenomenal survival as the car was kept on blocks due to the the tires going low super fast.  It was said the owner grew tired of that and just parked it.  As it shows, this car is not a driver.  Never was.  It survived by the fact someone wanted to preserve it and had proper storage.  The 80+ wheels were changed but the original 78 tires were put back on here in the collection.  The California dealer emblem was placed on the back due to the cheesy Canadian deal emblem being in that place.  Was not attractive.  Other than that this is a car I dare not touch in the interest of purism insanity.  Original exhaust, paint, tires, R12 freon, on and on.  It also has the original fillers even, and I don't think there is another 78 seville on the planet than still has those.  Now they are not perfect, but they are acceptable.  They are literally on their last few years, but that is to be expected.  I have a new set of the standard issue replacements you find on all the other cars, but I am holding on to these in place with kid gloves.  All of the belts, hoses and essentially everything are original.   The car runs great, has never been subjected to ethenol fuel that will destroy the bendix injection.  This is a black car, finding original black 78 paint that looks like this is a kin to winning the lotto.   It rarely happens.  This car is a 1978, not doctored up, not dolled up, no one has put it on a lift and black bombed it, it was left exactly how time dictated, and its one of the finest.   Its not perfect, but its darn close.  One of the finest 76-79 Sevilles known that will start, drive and run like it was 1978 all over again.... at least for very limited use and perfect collector appeal. 




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