1978 Cadillac Seville

#1 Condition - 9K Miles - Original

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas - 214-878-3823

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1978 Cadillac Seville!

1978 Cadillac Seville. Museum Condition, #1 level. 5.7 Liter EFI (gas of course), TH400, 4 wheel disk brakes.  One Owner CA, as nice of Seville as I have encountered, and yes I have owned one with 800 miles.  The good origin climate, careful owner and proper storage this car has received dictates its condition way past the few miles it has on it.  From the un aged original silver paint to the perfect chrome, to the interior and undercarriage, this car shows to be museum level new.  However it is not, I has 9000 miles.   Things like the plastic chrome on the dash pretty much fell off on these cars with one touch of human hands when these cars were new.  The photos should tell you what this one is about.  The interior is phenomenal on every level.   Any questions like "does this work" do not apply on this car.  Everything works.   Underside is absolutely day one original down to the exhaust, and it has not been detailed, sprayed off or anything.  This is true virgin untouched and as expected from a CA car that was never undercoated or doctored up by some resale classic dealer.   Tires are reproduction and the bumper fillers have been changed, but all else is original.   The EFI has been gone through with an injector cleaning and proper maintenance allowing this one to run smooth, idle correct and not race away like most of these did.  It runs very good.   The AC is all functional of course and works as new.  This is a tried and true car that not only passes for brand new, it is also proven this min.  Meaning it can be driven, and I would say Anchorage to Miami is not out of the question on this one.  But why...  That would be totally foolish, however unlike many of my collector cars that are sub 1000 mile, this car has moved enough to say it will do it again tomorrow without issue.  It has been stored properly and treated with care so well, it really passes for window sticker brand new.  Hard car to comp here.  Silver/Grey, leather and all power options less sunroof.  The car is an opera lamp delete car too, of which those never looked proper on these Seville's.  A very understated car in its color but when it comes to condition, this car is there with the top few 76-79 Sevilles in the world if not it.



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