1979 Pontiac Trans Am

10th Anniversary

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas

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Click Here for TONS of info on this car and My Trans Am Story!

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Click Here for TONS of info on this car and My Trans Am Story!
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1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary Y89 X Vin.    As New.  All original except Battery, oil changes over its life and a headlamp.  Climate storage since new, temperamental silver paint 100% original and the best you may see.  No parts "serviced" just to be serviced.  All belts, hoses, carb, vacuum hoses, tires, shocks, all original.  Every tag and mark in place from new.  Best of the best.


As new, window sticker on car.

Click Here for TONS of info on this car and My Trans Am Story!

Original Early Year Polysteel Tires.  Perfect Wheels, no peeling or discoloring!

Damaged car... Sorry... Original GM Paper is not always the best quality after 35 years.  This is the only flaw on this car :)

Neat Vanity Plate.  "79 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am"  Also have the original 79 Plate for the car too.

The type of environment this car has never left  Seen next to the Last Eldo Convertible made with 300 miles on it.

Zoom in and get critical.  Ok, you got me.  Wrong headlamps.  One dim went out so it has 4 halogens in it.  Originals come with car.

Yes clock works and so does everything.

Zoom in, get critical.  Unused other than some jack stand miles and periodic starting

You'd be the first to get in there.

Seat Belt Instructions

79 Ratchet Shifter.   Little known fact many miss.  This shifter is a Ratcheting shifter.  Google it.  There are people that put 100K miles on their cars and did not know it.

Zoom in, get critical

10,839.55 - All 10ths came with every option.  It took 2 window stickers to list them.

Original seat belts.  Something that is impossible to do on restorations.

Original Polysteel Tires.  These were 78 and early 79 versions.  Zoom in on the wheels.  Perfect.

Digital Stereo with 8 track.  Although nothing spectacular today, this digital display was a site to see in 79

All original Belts and water pump, nothing changed on this engine.

Original Belts, nothing changed on this motor, runs as new... It should, it is.

As clean and original as one ever was

Original here including Tag on Master Cyl.  Most of these TAs are all Cad-Magic'd here, this is what they should look like.

Original perfect windshied.  It should be, the car is ne!

All records, books including original MSO copy, and dealer invoice copy, Magazine article in 87 featuring this car.

Dealer Copy

T-Top Covers... Never used, tops never have been take off.

Perfect Super Bird and perfect original paint


You dont see it.....  Are you scared yet that it is broken like all the rest?

Nope, original, perfect and functional.....  These failed within 2 months sometimes, and not many TAs had power antennas.

Perfect paint and original UFO decal

Zoom in and get critical

This is the only flaw on this car.  Sorry, I know its hurting the value, but original GM paper is not always the best quality.

Click Here for TONS of info on this car and My Trans Am Story!

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