1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham DeElegance

 Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


Welcome one and all to what is most likely the best surviving '82 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham De Elegance in the world.  This highly optioned De Elegance has the very rare and valuable Astroroof.  As a matter of irony and humor I have thought about offering the Astroroof without the car on E Bay as we all know the Astroroof is 40% of the value on these cars.  Not that I totally agree with that but the market has spoken and we must keep our egos in check.  This ALL ORIGINAL PAINT, 1 owner car from Beverly Hills, Ca. has been garaged all its life.   This car is really in the same condition as many of my sub 1K mile cars.  This stunning Fleetwood has the very rare crushed velour, multi button, pillow look, De Elegance interior that was only offered from 1980 to 1982.  Some refer to it as the coffin interior and I find it incredibly more pleasing than leather, not to mention a much higher quality.  
Diesel.  Did I just say that or did you peek and see the emblems?  Oh yes, this is a 5.7 Cadillac! But its a 5.7, 350 cu. in. diesel.  I have been told by other serious Cadillac collectors through the ages that the diesels actually drive better than the HT4100s.  Well if they weren't right all along.  The massive torque and effortless movement make the diesel a better drive than the torque deprived HT4100.  Plus Cadillac diesels were also given extra sound deadening, more structural braces, and the turbo 400 transmission and big differential.  Not the light duty hardware of a 4100 car.  Add all this together and you have a Cadillac that drives very close to as good as a same period Mercedes S class.  Really.  I have owned many Mercedes too.  So nice to have a Cadillac that has the drive qualities to match the unparalleled good looks.  Did I mention that in 1982 GM revised the 5.7 Liter Diesel?  This is actually a Second Generation diesel that quelled all the issues this power plant had previously.  Examples of the second generation have been known to go 300k miles all the while getting an EPA proven highway 30 MPG!  You fill this Cadillac up and that is it, you will hardly ever have to visit the gas, err diesel pump!  Weird.  
This Fleetwood also has the rare memory seat option (Cadillac offered this feature first in 1957)  as well as Symphony Sound (decent even by today's standards, and don't start with me as being silly as my current STS4 V8  has the Bose 5.1) and all the usual De Elegance power equipment that were always hard loaded.  I had to add the Vogue Tyres as the original Goodyear Polysteels were just a little to old to use.  This car also wears the most perfect set of wire wheels imaginable. 

This Fleetwood has 20k original miles.  Very high miles to my standards for any car.  Yes do we really expect them to last that long :)   However, it really is on the level of some of my unmoved cars.   This car has NO road rash on the front end as the original owner really never took it outside the Beverly Hills bubble.  Heck even the plastic molded body side moldings are perfectly white and chrome where they should be.  Dash chrome is excellent and all accessories work as new.  Electo Luminescent opera lamps are bright, clear, and free from any condensation.  Although this car is not a "0" mile car plastered with the window sticker as many cars you have seen from me, this however is a bonafide screaming #1 car that is everything then some.

As many know, I have sort of been saving this car for a big block transplant like my 80.  Being a diesel with the good hardware makes it a perfect car like an 80 Carb 6.0 is.  However, this Diesel is so nice and does everything so right, I have not brought myself to transforming the car.  Its really too nice to do that with and its rare to see an 82 car that gets 30+MPG and is as new.   One of a kind unique machine here; that is this Cadillac in a nutshell.   Having 40 cars at the moment, I am offering this car and a few others for sale to make room for some vintage Eldorado convertibles.  However, look at the others for the great deals, I am in no hurry to sell this one but will sell it to a collector that understands the level and rarity of this car.  The price is firm, but you get what you pay for.          


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