1984 Cadillac Eldorado

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


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1984 Cadillac Eldorado -  Original, one owner, bought new here in Dallas at Sewell Cadillac.   This car is not the typical car I have on my web site, it is not a mega low mile example and its not some collector car that has been stored away all its life since new.  However its is a heck of a worthy example of a well kept and beautiful Eldorodo, thus you see it here.  This is a used car with 84K miles, but a lovingly kept 84K miles by one driver, a retired US Navy Pilot.  I has been garaged kept since new, and I think you will see that in the photos.  The car is original but has had the engine replaced at about 50K miles like so many of these 4100s have been done.  Its good now and all those quirks are fixed!  This car has been to only one place since new, Sewell Village Cadillac.  Drive this car in there now and everyone knows it.  All records, docs and more. This car is always at their annual show too.

The options on this car are good as it has the most importation when it comes to driving one of these, Touring Suspension.  These cars drive really good with that option as they have larger sway bars, higher spring rate, etc.  I cannot stand to drive one that is not a touring car.  No its not a Biarritz, and no it does not have and Astro Roof.  The car is what it is, a regular Eldorado in a great color that one could not ask to be kept better.

The photos show the car as it is.  About as nice as I have ever seen period.  However there are some negative points to the purists.  The Bose Radio was replaced with a later CD player.  Perfect if you are going to use it, sounds incredible but not original!  Do not think the original radio is still around.   All the Bose Speaker grills are still in place though and that is all original.   The driver seat and steering wheel leather does show some wear.  Not horrible, but not a 0 mile car here. Very consistent with a 30K mile well kept type car, not the 0 mile new in wrappers you see that I collect.  Now the good points are high.  The interior other than the light wear on the driver seat is like new.  Really.   Everything works, that means the AC and every function of the climate control.  The power antenna works, everything.  The physical condition of the car is incredible.  Not a ding in the car and the paint is almost flawless with a depth of finish that can only come from years of care, cover and waxing.  Done every other month like clockwork.  This is a 25 year old car, but the paint is sure telling of how nice this car was kept.  The motor and trans are perfect.  As good of running HT4100 as I have ever driven.  As good as my no mile examples there.  This car is on the road every day or so for light trips.  It does everything right and looks beyond right doing it.  It is ready to drive from LA-NY then back go to shows and more.  This car will make you proud.

This car is for sale.  Paul (original owner) has decided to buy more of a collector car and replace this car he has owned for the past 25 years.  This car is priced extremely reasonable.  Do not think I have ever seen one that is this nice less being parked all its life as a collector.  I'd ask 30K for those, this one is 7K.  I'd buy it myself, but I have an 85 that is not pictured on my site that is a driver for me.   I cannot use two.  Look high and low for the next decade.  For 7K you will never see a better Eldorado for the money.  Also keep in mind, this car has never left Dallas.  All that corrosion stuff that happens in other parts of the US, does not apply here!   If you are looking for an early 80s Eldorado for a driver this will be the one that got away.

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Paul - original one owner, bought this car new, Sewell Village Cadillac In Dallas. US Navy Pilot.

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You can email me at Cadillacman@mcsmk8.com