1984 Honda V65 Magna

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas

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1984 Honda V65 Magna.   In its day, this was the king of all speed on two wheels. I have owned this bike since 1985.  It has been a part of my car collection and stored in a collector car environment since new.  It has 5700 miles, sits on original tires, has never so much as hit a water puddle.  It has all the Hondaline options and accessories available to a V65, backrest, crash bar, luggage rack, alarm, small Hondaline windscreen.   If it was available, I got it for it.  BUT... It is all stock.... 100%....   Even the airlifter is the original one it was made with.  Short of finding one still new in the crate, this is about as good as I think you will ever see in a V65.   And if you do find one in a crate, you probably could not guarantee that it has stayed in the climate this bike has.  

I can tell you I don't know a thing about motorcycles as compared to cars.  However, I am not totally ignorant when it comes them as I spend a good part of my youth riding motocross and street bikes.  Tore a bunch up then.  However, these are different, ones saved pretty much since new as collectors.  I have taken pretty good care of these. I think the photos will say more than I could.  I have a few older high end toys like this that I have saved over my life, 90 CBR1000, an 84 V-65 Magna, a Trail 90, and the pictured Fourtrax 250 owned by another collector Dan Rowen.  Note they are all Hondas.  I wont even go down the road of comparing to the other makes as so many bikers will do, but knowing what I know, I felt that at the time, these were some of the few Japanese bikes that would actually be sort of collectible when they got older. My hunch then is not totally off looking back.

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