1985 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

24K Mile Original Car

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If there ever was a car that automotive enthusiasts and non automotive enthusiasts alike will come together on, the factory Convertible Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz is it.  Most will agree that this is one of the best looking cars ever created.   It gets approving comments whenever it is driven from the young, old, male, and female about how great looking it is.  That makes a strong statement about the future collectability of these Eldorados.   In 1984 and 1985 Cadillac offered RPO production code YP8, a factory Eldorado Convertible, carrying an unheard of mid 30K price tag.  Due to that fact, only 2300 were made in 1985 making it quite rare and one of the neo-classic staple investment cars.  This particular 24k mile example is even more rare due to the fact it is a black with red leather and white top.  It also boasts all Commemorative Edition Trim, which was another high dollar option offered only in 1985 to commemorate the end of the successful Eldorado and Seville line. This is noted buy the gold emblems, the embroidered commemorative convertible top, the commemorative steering wheel and door panels.  It is very likely this car was a very special order executive car for someone high up in command of Cadillac or GM.   As you see it is how it came from the owner of a cadillac dealership.  You tell me, but its the only black/red/white car I have ever seen or heard about with commemorative trim.  It does have the gold centercaps but I thought the red was more tasteful to match the red interior.  Either way I think you will find you might be looking at one of the best Black 85 Eldorado Convertibles ever.

The Convertible Eldorado was dropped in 1986 with the next Eldo body style change came for the worse.  Because of that change, the 1979-1985 Eldorado Body style is one of the most classic looks sought after by collectors.  I would consider any nice original low mile example of an 79-85 Eldorado a solid investment these days.  The 1985 Convertible represents the pinnacle of that.   Even though the RPO YP8 is a factory Cadillac sold at the dealer brand new, Cadillac actually contracted ASC/Mclaren to convert the cars, and then send them out to fill the orders to dealers from there.  ASC is also the same company that built the Buick GNX and many other previous special American cars. ASC also invented the factory sunroof for most American cars.  All 2300 cars were ordered pretty much totally loaded from the factory to ASC and boasted hardware special to the car before it was actually made a convertible.  One of the things offered was an even heavier version of the "touring suspension" to compensate for the extra weight the convertible would carry and a 3:15 axle ratio to make it a bit quicker.   A trans cooler and oil cooler was part of the HD cooling system that the RPO YP8 had too.  Despite big misnomers with non car people, the Cadillac Eldorado is actually a very light car in retrospect weighing just about 3600LBS.   The only 2 options that the Convertibles did not get was the Bose sound system due to the fact there was no room in the rear for the larger speakers that came with it, and memory seats as the memory buttons used to lower the rear windows.  Remember, no coupe has rear windows that lower, the convertible does.

The frames of these factory convertibles have been extremely reinforced with sub frame additions and bracing to almost a point of overkill.  They really did a good job on these factory convertibles making the car structurally quite impressive, even more so than any other GM convertibles prior.   The factory convertible Eldorado is actually more structurally sound than the regular coupe. Hard to believe but true.  Many people that do not know these cars well will mistake some of the sub framing as parts hanging low on the car, but that is the way they are supposed to be.   With the added framing and weight in the back, the car has a near 50/50 weight ratio which is a big improvement over the inherently nose heavy coupe.  They drive great!   The tops are quality with integrated heated glass rear windows, power controls and an incredibly nice headliner not found in any car I can think of better.   The entire car is done to near perfection for what it is.

The example I have here is as mint of low mile of one of these as they come.  It is a true concourse car.  As with the black examples of these cars... Search your the remaining years of your life for a better example is my claim to this car.  You can find Red in equal condition,  I have one, you can find white too.  I have one of those.  You can even find some blue cars as nice.  Fact is that all the black cars failed their finish very early.  Not this one. This car is what it is; Absolutely stunning in any light to any perfectionist and will show to be one of the most flawless Black Eldorado convertibles that you will ever encounter.  

This example is loaded with everything available on a convertible including the factory security system, all power and reclining seats (both sides!), and rare locking gas door.  It does not have the CB... That is the only thing you can call me out on. Oh well.  PS.... All of the options WORK on this car. This includes the 6 way/recliners both sides, power antenna, cruise, AC of course along with all climate control functions, power top system, fiber optics, auto dimming,  Everything PERIOD......

As a whole, I feel that the Convertible Eldorado is about as solid investment in a collectible car as you can find.  It's as least as good as money in the bank, but probably better than money on the bank over the long term. If you want a great weekend toy that is an investment, a factory convertible Cadillac Eldorado is about as good as they come.  Unlike a 60's, early 70's car, you can buy an 84-85 convertible that is original and needs no restoration.   As with this example, they will cost a little money that way, but I highly recommend spending the money on a car like that rather than trying to restore one of these that looks like a good buy.  It's cheaper in the long run I can assure you!  Original goes a long way as so many people have learned with "restored" cars.  There is no substitute for a factory original car no matter what people tell you.  My car is as close to that as you will find in a Black Eldorado and looking as new if not better than the day it was made.

This is a true collector grade investment car.




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