1985 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Touring Coupe

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


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If there ever was a car that automotive enthusiasts and non automotive enthusiasts alike will come together on, the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz is it.  Most will agree that this is one of the best looking cars ever created.   It gets approving comments whenever it is driven from the young, old, male, and female about how great looking it is.  That makes a strong statement about the future collectability of these Eldorados. 

This car here is an anomaly in itself.  I have owned it many years and its one of the few cars in my collection that I treat as sort of a driver.  I drive it as its a Touring Suspension car.  This car drives.... "right".    Now when I say driver, that means if its rain, its parked, if its over 95 degrees its parked, if its under 40 degrees its parked.  If there is a water puddle in the road, it goes around it or it backs down the road to avoid it.  If I take more than one passenger, I drive my other car.  That is my type of driver.  A car that does the other aspects and goes in the rain is a beater to me.  This is a nice car...  I am stressing that it a nice car as what I am about to tell you will cause you a bit of concern... This is an 80K mile car.  I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story there, but for an 80K mile car, you, I and everyone else have seen cars for sale with 10K miles not in this condition.  This Eldorado has lead a charmed life in New Mexico and Texas.  Garaged constantly.  This car is 100% original paint... everywhere....  Original means the paint the car was made with at the factory in 1985 by my definition, not some muscle car dealer definition of original.   There are no exceptions here... Well one, the fillers have been changed and they are the best of the best quality job, done 20 miles away from the car then put on.  Good stuff so that issue has been resolved and they look way better than new or some body shop throw together filler replacement.  There is not a ding in this car.  Ever.  There is no sun damage, no heat damage and of course to answer the obvious, rust does not apply when we are talking about a car of this level.  The paint is phenomenal.  The Vinyl top and Stainless roof are perfect. The interior is too.  The wire hubcaps are virtually flawless.  The car is a complete package of a turn key vintage car that will drop jaws of the most particular critic.

What this car consists of is a full load, every option 1985 Eldorado Biarritz Touring Coupe.  The option list is all.   If I left something out, it has it.  If the car does not have it, it was not available with the top options... CB is that one, you cannot get a CB with the Bose System, you can get it with the lesser system.  This option list starts with Astro Roof, Touring Suspension (Best option of all times in these cars) , Bose Symphony Sound, Auto Dimming, Twilight Sentinel, Memory Seats, Gas Door Lock, Auto Dimming Mirror, Digital Dash, Power and Heated Mirrors + all of the other standard power option available on Eldorados.   I have only seen a few optioned like this, thus I sought this car out many years ago.  Options were only the neat things, condition is the true substance of this car.  This car offers both.

Mechanically the car is right, all items work properly,  and that includes the R12, not reduced to retrofitting AC system.  It is capable of being a total driver if you desire.   Motor is right, runs great and has no issues.  In fact I trust it over most of my extreme low mile cars as it has a proven history, not a car that get driven a few miles a year or so. Beyond just driving the car, what else you will be able to do pull this car into a local car show and probably win it too.  If not, you will get close.  You will also have to have your best smile on when you drive it or pull into a gas station, store, etc as you will get many people talking to you about the car.  Its far from innocuous. You may see a few of these cars on the road still.... but very few like this...

This car is for sale.  I have had it for years, but never put on my site as I did not want to possibly sell it at the time.  I am selling it now as I have an 85 White/Red Eldorado Convertible I will use for a nice day driver for a while.  Its kind of the twin to this car but in a Convertible.  I am finding I just do not use this car as much, and I have so many collectors already.  This has been a great car, I have enjoyed it well, made it better car while using it and as a result it will be a great car for someone wanting a top optioned classic car without having to restore one.  All is done on this car, it is turn key, nothing should be needed for a good while.  This includes all basics like brakes, shocks, mechanicals, etc.  All is done.  This is not total concourse level show car, nor the caliber of some of my near "0" mile example, but I do hold this car to the standards of those while  giving the car a few ounces of leeway for achieving 80K miles over 25+ years and still looking like a 1-2 year old well kept car.  This is a true upper #2 condition car if you know the scale.  That is a hard level to achieve in a car that is this old, this original and has been used.   This is a true original survivor that most car wish they could have survived like.

The price on this car is no pie in the sky either.  It is the most affordable car I have.  If you have been looking for something and do not want to break the bank, this is a heck of a good choice.  The car is pictured with its vintage 1985 Texas plates and its ORIGINAL TIRES.  Another option, Royal Seals!  These tires are 25+ years old..... I use them to show the car, not drive it very far.  If you buy it, they will not be on the car.  You will get a brand new set of 225/70 15 1985 correct white walls with the car.  Thanks for looking.


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More RPO options on the car that any I have seen.  Even the pin stripe is an option in 2 tone.

This is a southern car... No rust, no undercoating, no black spray paint.  What you see is the bare metal frame as it was made. Look at the floor.

If only all cars could stay this way.

Rear Bose Speakers

Front Bose Door Speakers

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