1988 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

9600 Miles

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas

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1988 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham!

1988 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.  White/Blue. 9600 Original one owner miles. This is one of the few cars I have in the collection that was not collector owned since new parked and put away in facilities that are meant to preserve cars for long term.  However, what this car represents is actually one of the few cars that has survived the test of time with integrity to collector level without that prior history.  Its just a lucky car that is all.  And for me to actually have a lucky car... is just that in itself... luck......   I may make it seem like these high quality cars are all over the place... but they are not... Most everything has collector history from birth....  This one is unusual as it was just the lucky car.  Lucky enough to retail 100% original everything including fillers, exhaust, belts, hoses, etc... and still be like new.   The garage this car was in, was in quite the home, thus it had some help by that vs most of the higher variance in temp garages that will fail a car fast.

1988 Represents the second to last year of this style Brougham with the 4 headlamps.  This body style ran from 80-89 in this form to be reconfigured for 90-92 to the "euro" style in this same body.  1988 also uses the tried and true Oldsmobile 307 4BBL engine.  Known for long life,  excellent reliability and for the 86-89 years, respectable power.  The 307 was the engine used after the HT4100 was deemed a failure in the 82-85 models.  The 90+ cars could get the optional 5.7 Chevrolet engine, but for 88-89, this was the king Cadillac and really the best this particular style body got.

Options on this car have it as pretty well everything other than the very rare Astro Roof and the taste choice of DeElegance seating.  If you have followed my cars in the past, you know for me I consider leather DeElegance as sort of a downside to these cars due to the fact it can look prematurely aged even on the best kept cars. Cloth DeElegance is the ultimate way to have a Brougham, and if you must have leather, the Brougham seating as in the car here is the better choice should you want to drive the car any.

What is even better about the 88+ years vs the prior years is the fact it was built in Arlington Texas (RPO ARL)  The Arlington built cars had extremely better fit-finish, build quality and paint vs their prior Detroit built counter parts.  Side by side, it gets pretty ugly in a comparison contest.  These Arlington build examples are really good cars.  They are also robotic painted cars vs the hand painted prior years... of which you cannot beat the robot!   The color of this car is white with a blue interior giving it a clean and very conservative appearance.  Hard to argue with white on one of these.  The car wears the optional wire wheels and Goodyear Tires.  As to be expected, this car is in 100% working order in every manner, it represents the best of the best in these 80-89 Broughams.  It literally is as good as some of the sub 1000 mile cars I have in the collection, yet it has a handful of miles on it that allow it to still be used as nice weekend collector car vs one that really should never be put on a road....

Not much else to say on this one.  Its perfect.


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