1989 Chevrolet Iroc Camaro

5.7 Liter - New Car

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


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1989 Chevrolet Iroc 5.7 Liter TPI, T-Tops.  As new with window sticker on the car, flawless time capsule.  This is what I consider the pinnacle year for the IROC, GTA and the TTA... 1989!   Its going on 20 years.  Man time fly's.  If you were a car nut from the 80's era, you would remember the clout these cars carried when they went down the boulevard.   I had the utmost admiration for the 5.7 Iroc and GTA.  I knew when I pulled up to a 5.7 car in my L98 Corvette with a supercharger that the 5.7 still could be a somewhat of formidable match if it had a few little bolt ons.  Just stock the 5.7s were one of the most capable F-Bodies ever built and the 1989 year models are as good as they got in my book.  I feared the 5.7 cars well over the 3800 Turbo cars as you knew the 5.7 would always finish the race.  I could not say so much for the turbo cars unless they were bone stock.  The 5.7s were always faster then as they did not suffer from the heat soak the turbo cars did.  Now at the track with some ice and turning the car right on then running the 1/4 mile, the turbo cars were faster... Just not in the real world..  Many of those turbo cars lost their motors being my opponent and had to go in for warranty replacements in those days.  Many were rejected as they were modded and boosted to the moon!  Anyway, that is sort of my experience living and racing the late 80s, thus I have the fondest memories and utmost respect for the last of the 3rd gen cars, especially the nice 5.7 Irocs and GTAs still left today.

This Iroc here is a fairly rare car as you see it.  It is a 5.7 T-Top car boasting all the good stuff.  The color is a Dark Red Metallic of which I would say is the most rare color for an Iroc that is still desirable.  There are more rare colors, but not as pretty.  Its a great color offering many different shades of red in different lighting.  I have tried to take advantage of that with the photos.  This car has never really moved much under its own power.  The very few miles it has are just for maintenance and many on stands to keep it running.  The original Gatorbacks still have the nipples on them and most certainly have never been wet.  The car has been to the dealer one time when it was new for the typical rear brake moan recall, other than that it has been stored as a collector since 1989.

Although the 5.7 Iroc with T-Tops is considered pretty rare, there were a good number made in collectors terms.   I do not know that exact # but there were 12K 5.7 cars built and I would say 30% had t-tops making that 3500 or so.  If you are an F-Body fan and collector, you know that the most collectable 3rd gen car is either an 89 Turbo Trans Am, or a 1LE Iroc.  Yes those are rare but both you and I can pick up the phone tomorrow and buy a brand new one that was saved, if you have the money that is.  There are quite a few on the market at any given time as so many were saved by collectors.  Question is all money asside, can you buy a loaded 5.7 T-Top Iroc that is still brand new tomorrow?   The answer is obvious..... Not near as easy and this car is certainly a better rounded car than the two mentioned.  The TTA was VERY temperamental as you heard me say above and the 1LE is nice but has no AC, options or T-Tops and its performance is negligible above a 5.7.  I really doubt this is the only new 5.7 Iroc, but I have yet to see another and I keep tabs of many nice cars as my hobby.  That is how I found this one and saw what a needle in the haystack it is.   I bought it from the original owner, of which the car is still on the original title.  My agreement was never to drive it and keep it as a collector.  That is what I do best with my cars.

This Iroc is easy to tell what it has as its on the window sticker.  One of the nice things is this is a Group III optioned car and that is pretty rare.  That was the best interior option they had giving the car the power seat, the nicer seats, all the power options, the rear sun shade, full interior floor lighting with map lights, power mirrors, the Extended range sound system and more.   Leather was an option too on Group II and Group III Cars.  This car is not leather obviously and that is a BIG plus in my book.  The car has the important stuff, the G80 option (Posi), has the rear disk brakes and the better Borg Warner Differential, of course the 16" wheels with 245-50 16s and all the Iroc suspension, etc.  This car also has the split rear seat option and the very rare rear trim package that gives the car nice carpet in the hatch area.  The car does not show the KC4 oil cooler on the window sticker, but its got it.  I think all 5.7s had this by 89.  The only option the car does not have that I know was available was the power antenna or the G92 gear ratio which is a 3:27. This car is a 2:77, of which is a better street gear on the stock tires and on the highway. Its also more matched the the 3:07 first gear of the 700R4 transmission and the tuned ports torque.

Although these cars are not that stellar in performance compared to newer technology F-bodies and Corvettes, they still hold their own for what they are.  They most certainly have an old school flair mixed with the technology of the day, something the 4th gen got way away from with the motors under the dash.  I called it quits on those.  1989 was also the last year before air bags and all that mess added into cars.  If you were a hands on gear head from the 60s and 70s, the Iroc is really up your alley combining old school with new.  After that cars just get too complicated to play with and have fun.   I firmly believe that the rare optioned, well preserved last of the 3rd gen cars will be amongst tomorrows highly appreciating collectibles.  They are already getting snatched up by collectors now.  The nice 69 camaros are big money as you know... The nice 79 TAs and nice 79 Z28s are too now... Why not the 89 GTA, Iroc and certainly the TTA?  See the pattern?  Something to do with that 9 it seems........

PS... I am in the market for a new and saved 5.7 1989 Pontiac GTA with T-tops.


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