1990 Cadillac Brougham DeElegance

5.7 Liter

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1990 Cadillac Brougham DeElegance.  5.7 Liter, FE2 Suspension, Trailer Package, 13K mile perfect example.  Those that follow my Broughams, know that the 90-92 5.7 Liter cars represent the best of the Brougham era.  These examples are cars I have been stockpiling, yet to reveal.  There are some really substantial examples that will show on my web site in the next months, starting with this one.

This body style ran from 1980-1992 retaining a classic styling that will never be seen again on any car produced.  These cars were the end of an era, and the 90-92 brings that to a close with the best examples.   The 90-92 was built in the DFW Metroplex at the Arlington plant (RPO-ARL).  Something we take pride in this area with.  The Arlington plant turned out a very nice fit and finish compared to the models built in Detroit.  Side by side, a late 89 to 92 will embarrass say a mid 80s example in this department.   Still not Lexus fit and finish, but a huge gap was put between the Detroit examples of previous years to the ARL years.  The 90-92 also is what is called the "euro" styled car with the large high quality single glass headlamp and the lower cladding.  At first this was considered not as attractive as the 80-89, but looking back now, I would say the 90-92 has the looks over the 80-89 too.  The most redeeming credit to the 90-92 is the optional 5.7 liter engine.  If it had not been for this motor, all history would give us is the 80 and 81 with a good engine.  The 5.7 Liter engine, even though rated only a little higher than the base 5.0 engine, is nothing in comparison.  It has at least 50 more usable HP and even more torque than that over the 5.0.   It was underrated.  The 5.7 liter engine goes way deeper than the motor.  The trans is the HD/Police version of the 700R4.  The Diff is the large "Corporate 8.5" vs the little, (no business in a big car) 7.5 in the 5.0 cars, the suspension is different, the cooling system is different and there are even more things that you got for the small price of the 5.7 liter option.  What came with the 5.7 liter option that was not desirable is the "GAS GUZZLER" tax that was imposed on the 5.7 optioned cars.  GM made the 5.7 liter option very cost effective compared to the substantial differences with the 5.7 vs the 5.0, to help offset the 1500 whack the govt. added on the the price just for the luxury of having a car with some good power.   Because of that, the majority of the 90-92 are 5.0 liter cars, making them nothing really different than the 86-89 versions other than in looks.  However, the 5.7 liter versions are nothing the same offering something that they alone had in this body style car.  Great power, fun driving characteristics and heavy duty long lasting hardware!   It is hard to find a low mile 5.7 car unless it was slated to be a collector the day it was bought.

This example here is pretty well loaded with all but the Astro Roof, CD player and the now expected 0 mile odometer on my site.  This is also an FE2 optioned car.  FE2 is the handling package with larger sway bars, etc.  This car drives great.  These are the best driving brougham of the 80-92 era.  This one does have 13K miles on it, and its 13K garaged, one owner and perfect in every manner.  Wire wheels, original Royal Seal tires too.  Every aspect of this car is original and in #1 condition show car shape.  The power antenna is the only replacement part, and its GM. Best of the best again here.


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Water under car is the AC Evaporator!  AC is like ICE!

Perfect body lines, perfect paint, perfect wheels, perfect tires, just a perfect car!

You would not see a 5.0 badge in my collection.

PLATE FOR DISPLAY ONLY KS and TX car only.  Trucked between.

The 5.7 Liter Engine!

Original Royal Seal Tires and Wire Wheels!!!!!!

As good as it gets

Power antenna is a dealer replacement GM part.


Note the FE2 suspension option. Of course the L05 designates 5.7 350.  GU4 is the big 3.08 axle.

Perfect DeElegance Seats.  Zoom in.

Remember You Can Click Each Photo for an Extreme Blow Up!

Remember You Can Click Each Photo for an Extreme Blow Up!

Remember You Can Click Each Photo for an Extreme Blow Up!

Original Exhaust, perfect undercarriage!

Just for Mike

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