1990 Jaguar XJS


Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas



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The XJS V-12 is an incredible car in itself combining style like no other.  Top that off with a car that is so far above typical and you have a car that fits in my collection.  This 24K mile, 100% original everything car is probably one of the top XJS's you will ever see.  In fact I have made is a sort of quest to find a nicer example in a black color car.  After 3 years and looking at poor excuses riddled all over ebay and other venues, I just give up.  This car is so nice and duplicating that with another example is not going to happen.  I have put in enough time looking to make that claim.

The XJS is really one of the best bangs for your dollar you will ever see.  In fact I cannot think of another car in the 20K price range that is anything like these.  I think the reason they are so cheap, is most are in such a disarray. The rare nice ones apparent value are just drug down by all the junk that is out there for little money.  I find it totally amazing in my searches on these cars how bad people kept and maintained these cars.  I am sure there are a few nice ones, but so uncommon.  Must just have been the crowd these cars appealed to when they were new, but I am still at a loss as to why such an expensive and beautiful model of cars landed in the hands of a crowd that were just not car people.

As a whole these cars are great.  In fact I would say their are very tolerably reliable.  The V12 is powerful and smooth.  The GM TH400 transmission is great.  The entire setup is really a marvel.  I have not had a single issue with mine, but then again mine is quite exceptional.  These XJS's are not going to be a Lexus LS400 in terms of loading miles by them ton on them, but for an impressive weekend car, a nice XJS is about as good as it gets.  They are British cars, so that says allot, but when you compare these cars to England's Flagship, the Rolls Royce, the Jag becomes so attractive due to the horrid aspects of the Rolls.  What were they thinking on those cars???

This example I have here is virtually perfect.  It has 100% original paint, I give that a money back guarantee with a mil gauge on that. There is not a single ding, much less impression in the body.  The body lines of these cars are so sleek and I have yet to look at an example that does not have a door ding or twenty in them and it ruins the car.  This one is the exception.  Its 100% without.  The top and interior are mint as with the entire car.  It has been a California and Texas car.  In California, it was that rare example of an XJS in a car guys hands, garaged, maintained and kept mint.  In fact the car has never been driven in the rain.  Yes that is true unlike many that claim this.  In Texas with me, the same goes, then some.  This car is just a baby and treated as such.  It is loaded with optional heated seats and chrome factory wheels.  It does have a non intrusive aftermarket Kenwood CD player, but if you heard the original radio, this is a big addition on these cars, not a deduct as most aftermarket radios are.  All aspects of the car work perfect and as with all of my cars I post on this site, the photos you see are actually not as good as the car looks in person.

The typical things you see on the "not so well" taken care of examples do not apply here.  The wood is perfect, the seats are perfect, the top is perfect.  The car has no leaks, the AC works as new. In fact it still wears the original tires that are still decent.  Its only got 24K miles!  It would be very hard to criticize anything about this car except for the fact its not black.  Black is the current resale king of colors in all models of cars. I cannot do anything but tell you this car is absolutely perfect, its the best of the best you will ever see but its.......NOT BLACK..... Due to that unfortunate fact and the fact that is what I really wanted, its priced to sell at a dollar amount that is well below what you get for your money.  Whoever gets this is going to wonder what the catch is.... There is none..  I just need to sell a couple cars in my collection as I have over 20 at the moment and this one is on the list.  This just may be the best car you may ever see for the money. 

PS... Ignore the plates, they are there for photos only as with all my cars.


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