1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

Twin Turbo - 5 Speed

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas

SOLD 6/2007


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1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4.  56K miles.  VIN JA3XE74C6NY047425 Pearl White/Black 5 Speed.  

Some cars are remembered for quality, others for looks, and others for performance.  I think the 3000GT is best remembered for its massive amount of features and gadgets.  Although the 3000GT VR4 is a well rounded car in the fore mentioned aspects, the amount of “things” the car has on it is second to none.  If you are not familiar with the 3000GT VR4, this is not a typical Mitsubishi, much less car.  With every optioned checked like this example, the 3000GT is a Multi Valve Twin Turbo 300HP+ Twin Intercooled, All Wheel Drive, All Wheel Steering, Active Suspension, Active Aerodynamic, Variable Exhaust car.  I think when they designed the car, they figured out every feature that magazine technical readers would be at awe with, then put them in the car.  It does not stop at those features either considering all of the things like leather, CD player, digital climate control, power assisted clutch and all of the other basic features make this car one techno-guru’s holy grail.  Not to say all of this stuff does not work well as a package in the 3000GT VR4 as it does!  Having all this can be quite overwhelming compared to more simple cars that do things as well if not better without them.  Bragging rights is what this is about!  As a whole, the 3000GT VR4 is a thoroughly impressive car that is appreciated by its many qualities and good looks.

Of the Japanese performance cars, the 3 that stand out are the Toyota Supra Turbo, Nissan 300ZX Turbo and the 3000GT VR4 Turbo.  All 3 manufacturers offer lesser models of the same looking cars without the good stuff.  In the case of the 3000GT, that would be the SL model.  Unfortunately, most of the cars on the road are the lesser models and have been used up, not to mention neglected.  Having such slim pickings of nice examples makes it hard for the layman to see the qualities in a car like the example here.

Another neat thing about these turbo cars is the ease of adding a good bit more power to them.  Many people get up to 700HP out of 3000GT VR4s.  Now the reliability suffers profusely the more power that is added, but a little more power is not too hard without destroying the car.  Problem is that not many know when to say “enough”.  These are 300-320HP cars and that was what they were designed to live with and do well there.   Anything more takes away from the cars integrity.  Due to the extremists going too far, many nice example 3000GT’s have gone the route of the “fast and furious” mentality, boosted to the moon and then blown up leaving the car a rolling total that will never be the same.

With that said, the most redeeming aspect of the car here is the fact it was spared from that life.  It is 100% stock down to the paper element air filter.  The wheels were added by me for looks, the originals are with the car.  They are 8.5x18 front and 9.5x18 rear with matching 245/40 18 ZR tires.  The clutch was done at the dealer back in 1998 under warranty and has an upgraded model.  I believe its a Spec brand according to the records, but the dealer put it in.  Its a bit stiffer than stock but it will not slip on you.  The clutch is a typical problem on VR4s that is now corrected on this car.  Other than that, nothing has been touched, modified, boosted or abused.  This car was bought here in Dallas, has never left.  Its original owner is a friend and is in his 60’s.  He bought the car in 92 as a mid life thing and used it as a weekend car, cruiser and local show car.  Every option available is on this car; leather CD, VR4, etc.  It has been garaged and never damaged.  With what I consider to be very high miles on a collector car at 56K, the comparable examples of these cars that exist pale in comparison to this car.  I will be the first to say that the 3000GT was not exactly a car I would go seek out as a collector.  Since I have know this car all its life and taking in consideration this near impeccable condition of this car, it is a collectable piece that I am proud to own.  I am personally partial to the 91-93 cars too for the looks.  I may be in the minority here and am showing my age, but the front ends on later ones were too “inspired” for my taste.  The 91-93 are very tasteful cars.  Of the 91-93 examples, I am certain there are other nice ones out there, but matching this car in condition, options and quality would be a tough road to go down.













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