1992 Corvette LT1 Convertible

As New

6 Speed - FX3 - Hard Top - Red/White - Special RPO Order

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas - 214-878-3823

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1992 Corvette

1992 Corvette LT1 6 Speed Convertible, FX3, CC2, Under 1500 miles new.   This is a special order car and was delivered to its owner at Bowling Green in 92.  The only use the car has had is getting it from Bowling Green to its collection home on a one time road trip that whim then put away in a substantial collection.  Ordered by a very knowledgeable car collector in the spirit of trying to create a car that no one else will have, then saving it brand new un driven leaves this car today as possibly the finest LT1 C4 Convertible in the world.  It was ordered with every option and with the AQ9 white leather sports seats on red and a white top.  I have never seen another convertible like it.   The ONLY option this car does not have is the luggage rack (RPO V56)... That was left off for the fact if has it, it wont come off.  But it can always be added.  They are liked or hated, so that is the reasoning.  The window sticker is still on the car and is pictured below so you will see all it has.

The car has been owned/stored in two separate collections, the first owner's and now the GM-Classics.com collection.  It has been stored as well as any museum level car could be, and condition wise it is right there with the best of the best of brand new cars that are bought today with no miles right out of the plant.  It retains everything original other that 2 upgrades that were added later in life.  The chrome 9.5 wheels on all 4 corners, and J55 Factory front GS brakes. Both are factory OEM parts upgrades and highly desirable. Of course the saw blade wheels are with the car too as new.  The tires are the original 1992 275/40/17 GSCs.. Still have the ink the treads.  The original oil filter and battery are boxed up... other than those few things all else is day one original and brand new, best of the best special order cars.


This car gets driven to the weekend shows about a mile away so the odo goes up about 20 mile a year.

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