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Although you may think it at first glance, I am not a car dealer.  This is not a car dealer's web site.  I am a long time car collector and this is my personal collection.  Many of these cars I have had since the 80s.  The entire purpose of this web site was to display collector cars that really do not get seen by many people as often as they should due to the fact they are stuffed away in a collection.  The internet allowed a way for these type cars to be seen while keeping the cars off the road so they can remain virtually brand new.   They all get shown one at a time, but now when I show one, someone can go on the net and see them all!  None of these cars are worth even owning if other people cannot enjoy them, share their stories about their own cars, share their knowledge and generally do what car collectors do.. Talk cars and kick tires.!   That is why I made this site around 1995 after being in this hobby since the early 80s!

  Over the years the site has grown and I think that is great.  I have met many really incredible people over the net that are other like car collectors. These are people I never would have met without expanding the collection to the web.    However, there is a little larceny in this web site too.  I do sell a car from time to time.  This is usually when I find other interesting examples and need to make room/ free up the money to do so.   This site provides a good outlet to document the car for perspective buyers.  I would like to NEVER have to sell a car I own.  Ever.   That is totally unrealistic as I cannot own every nice example of a vintage Cadillac that exists, etc.  No one can, especially not me.  If I never sell some of what I have, I cannot ever fulfill that goal to own a few others I would like to.  I have a limit I have found and that is about 40 cars.  Some of these are pretty expensive cars, some of them not really at all.  I would like to get it down to about 20 cars and that is my goal over the next few years.  That 20 will not contain all of what I really want to own, but it will be just one of those things in life that make sense for me getting older.  For me, 20 is where I can keep them all the way I would really like to without pulling my teeth out as I am when I get above that number.  Being your own fleet manager is not a pretty job.

Over the years, I have put my fingers on some really nice examples out there but cannot get them without selling something I have first.  There are even more examples I have my fingers on too that I think are great, but are not cars I want to own for the fact I may have already been there and done that with the model, etc.   So if you are looking at something I have, just ask about it.   Everything has a price, I am very realistic on many.   If I have another car that I am ready to buy, I can be very motivated to sell something I have for that purpose!   That is what I do as a collector!  If there is actually any profit made in this, its is all put back in the next car.  Now there are a few cars I do own, and you can spot them pretty quick on my site, that are really the top examples of their respective models probably on earth. I have come to that determination over my trials of constantly trying to one up my example at any price and cannot.  These cars are priced accordingly.  Some of these are near 0 mile new cars too.  If I sell one of those, I will never own that model again as I cannot replace what I sold you at any price.  I can re-invent it, but most of the cars I am talking about are original.  That's it, the ship has sailed for me, you are now the king of that model!  I will have to move on to some other model and try to find the best there.  This is always a tough thing to do as a collector as none of these top cars have come easy for me.  Some took 20 years to get! , but I have done it enough now to put in perspective.  I am passionate when it comes to the real good cars, but not every car has to be the best either, it can be close and that is good enough even for me on most and those are really the more fun cars to own.   Owning, collecting, preserving, showing and just enjoying the cars is what the car hobby consists of.  BUT there is another aspect to this hobby that becomes even greater than the mentioned the longer you are in this hobby.  Its the HUNT!  It is always hunting season for me when it comes to the best examples of old cars, especially 50s-90s cadillacs!.  As much as this may come off as a business, its really just a documented obsession of a mad man!

  So, If you are looking for something I do not have, ask too, I may know where it is and will be glad to give you that information as a collector's courtesy.   And if you are selling your classic car, please feel free to run it by me.  Email me photos.  Send big ones, fill up my email if you can!  I may be interested in your car.  If not I will keep your info and photos in my email files for the future and be glad to forward your information on to other collectors that may call on your model.  I have been known to make many matches with cars and buyers over the years outside of my own, and I enjoy seeing what is out there in the process.

My # is 214-878-3823.  This is my cell phone, I keep it on me just about all times.  If you think its too late or too early,  just leave a message and I will call you back. Its not a problem to call anytime.  Look forward to talking to you!

Matt Garrett


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