2000 Mercedes Benz SL600 Sport

V12 - 6.0 Liter - 48 Valve - 7000 Miles - New

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2000 Mercedes SL600!

2000 Mercedes SL600, 6.0 Liter V12 Sport with Panoramic Top.  Magma Red/Black.  7000 Miles, Museum stored since new. Tires, belts, hoses, everything are day 1 original on this car.  One of 262 V12 SL Mercedes made worldwide for the Y2K year.  Given the color and fact this has the desirable AMG "sport" option makes this car extremely rare to begin with.  $137,000 in 2000 was the price.  With 262 made, not many 600s were red.  Silver and Black were the staple colors of this year, but what that red production color number actually is?, is unknown!  If you know, please email me!  Also not all SL600s had the sport option in 2000, it looks to be about 1/2 of the 262 percentage wise, but that number is also unknown to me.   For 2001, all the R129s were "sport" option cars,  but they took away the "sport" emblem confusing many people because of that.   But that is another topic.    For this car, the most important aspect is way more than what it is.  Its the fact that this MAY possibly be the lowest mile V12 Sport R129 of any year on the face of the earth.  I say "may" as you never know, but for many years and owing many of these, constantly looking for the best, I have seen nothing of the likes of this one for over 10 years as of this post in 2019.

With that said, this page is more of a documentarian of what one of these looks like as close to new as possible done with a professional Canon 5D 3 and an assortment of L lenses.  Each photo will blow up to its max size when you click it.    You will see detail shots some people may not have seen of one of these cars.  Being that every generation SL (so far) has become a collector car when they get older, someone one day may want this as a reference. You can see all of the color markings, data tags, original wheel weights, dunlop sport tires, things like how the paint overspray was done on the chassis in places, the undercoating, where it was and where it is not.  The fact that the pass outer tie rod is grey and the driver side is black.  You can see the "afterthought" rear O2 sensors and how they were put in, where the undercoating was "blocked" off for their addition... many things people will forget as time goes on.  All of those things will be details that restorations and restoration gurus try and perfect in the name of originality and can debate to what is correct years later.  So this is how they looked new, I hope this helps settle future arguments :).   I also hope the photos are floating around long after myself and hopefully not this car are gone.   Its good history and reference for those that will work to refresh some of these rare V12 R129 cars years down the road, and these are worthy cars to document.   I predict the sport V12s will eventually be worth more than their original window sticker again.   Every older SL has done it so far in good shape....  These are far more rare than previous 107 gen 560SL.  The top examples of those are doing very well now, and we all know how the earlier ones are doing.  Right now these are a "get them while you can" car.... before the ship sails... and its sailing as you read this.

I could talk in detail for hours on the V12 R129 with the incredible M120 48V engine, but on this one, I will let the photos finish the rest but I will also be adding other aspect photos of this car as time goes on.



Lift photos have lower splash cover removed.

Star NOT original.  Nice addition actually.  This is only non original aspect of car.

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