2004 Chevrolet 2500 4X4

6.0 Liter - 4L80 - 4:10 - Trailer and Camper Pkg

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2004 Chevrolet 2500 

2004 Chevrolet 2500.  41K miles, garaged, beyond clean babied truck. Special ordered for a camper by an older hobbyist car collector couple....  used "once" for that and put in garage.  Camping was not for them!  Never a work, company or left outside truck.  A flawless example of a nice kind of rare to see strong truck.   This is a 2500... not a 2500HD, but has all the stuff you would see on an HD, but in a more "attractive" personal truck stance truck without the raised chassis from frame like the HD trucks have.  More attractive to me and to me, its not a 4 door!   From 04-17 it was just used periodically on nice days and kept in a nice collector car garage up to the point they were not using it at all over the years and it was presented to me as something "unusually nice" .  Photos will show how clean this one is.  This is an LS truck (motor too) with all standard LS options including CD player system. PW, PS, Cruise. Steering wheel controls, etc, fog lamps, power seat, etc.  Its "tough truck" options are 4:10 gears, trailer package, camper special package.  This means it has a myriad of other items like the 4:10 posi, KC4 oil cooler, trans cooler, higher rate springs, skid plates, power towing mirrrors,  etc.  Its LQ4 (LS) 6.0 engine and 4L80 transmission is a time proven combination of excellent reliability,  very good power, low cost maintenance and long life.  Not unusual to see 350K to 400K on these with no major work done.   Would be cooler to have the 8.1 in this for me, but i have found it will not be as "user friendly" and the duramax of course is king, but with a maint factor usually 3X+ or more over life ownership and it comes with its own book of concerns that are apples to oranges vs its easier to own gas brothers.  The LQ4 is really the best personal driver ownership power plant made for these for anything in the normal use, personal car range.   Pull your big boat, your 5th wheel on the weekend and take the kids to school on monday.  Will do it all decently +.   And unloaded, the LQ4 with 4:10 gears is not slow.  It has sold me over the big blocks to the point my wife's suburban is a 6.0 now too, but my toys are still big blocks.   I enjoy driving this more though.

The upgrades on this are the rare version Gm factory H2 wheels,  285/75 17 Goodyear silent armor load E tires,  bilstein HD shocks and new Z71 bumpstops, 1.5" rear spacers to correct the incorrect factory track/stance on the 4x4 K 2500/3500.. and of course a GM performance bolt on exhaust tip for looks..   whoo hoo, thats some power there :)  Has running board option, but they are removed and stored for its tough look.   It has a line-x spray in bed liner and a drawtie plug and play brake controller and a viper remote start system.  All else is 100% original, stock and like new. . The wheel and stance upgrades take it from boring clean to pow....  This is an attention getting machine on the road.  Thumbs up everywhere it goes in what is one of the cleanest 800 series trucks seen on the road from time to time.. my favorite nice day driver at the moment 6/2019.  


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