1990 Corvette ZR1 - New In Wrapper

Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas




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1990 Corvette ZR1.  White/Red.   Bought new, put away.  I picked up in 94 and car is still on original title.  Has about 800 maintenance miles on it, 500 on stands from me, car delivered new with 107 miles from Buds Corvette, I purchased with 240.  This was one of those ZR1s that sold for 100K+ new.  Ironically, this one was purchased 60K Cash and a trade with a 67 435 Roadster.  We all know those "got-to-have's", especially in new corvettes.  Thank god for them or the economy would be really gone!   I think a 67 435 Roadster was a 40K car in 1990, thus the irony.  Anyway, he never drove it and sold to me in 94 when his many similar whimsical dealings left him short.  Original wheels/tires plastic bagged with 107 miles.  For display, the car wears a set of custom made 3 piece Epsilon wheels on it.  17x10F, 17x12R with 90 correct Gatorbacks and LPTWS.  Wheels/tires were installed in 1990 and were actually 8000.00!   Some purist probably will shun them to death, but they are so much nicer than any original, have a proper offset and and are very tasteful on the car. 10 mins and 20 bolts can fix the world of the purist though.  Since I have had and still have other ZR1s, I have never been tempted to drive this one.  It is my "keep for tomorrow" ZR1.  Car sees 88 Deg F High/50 Deg F Low, 40% Hum or less since 1994.  Prior 94 it was in a similar environment.  Collection rotation maintenance schedule since new.  Both Tops, Electronic Climate, Window Sticker on car, plastic removed to allow leather to breath properly, but all there. ZR1 Kit.  A serious car stored the right way. Best of the best.

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You can email me at Cadillacman@mcsmk8.com