1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

 Matt Garrett - Dallas Texas


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1989 Cadillac Brougham......Possibly the best 86-89 Fleetwood on the planet??   Last year for the classic style Fleetwood Brougham.  90-92 went to the "euro" style.  Nice cars too of course, but just different.   Not only is this car wearing what I consider the single best striking color on these cars, the best thing is the car is still virtually new, untouched 100% virgin perfect, virtually low miles, 100% original paint throughout.  This car is the top echelon of the best surviving examples of the Brougham.   To have a car survive like this requires a collector history (someone who knows how to treat a car) and a climate controlled facility on top of no accidental damage in any form from any human.  This car is from all.  This car is currently in my collection and may be the car that replaces my past 80 for a 500 CID Conversion project.  So far I have not done a thing to it and am refraining for a little while.

  This car is my challenge to the Cadillac world!!!!    As you are reading, I am scouring the planet, as I always am,  to find a nicer example than this car for my conversion project.  I will only put that type of effort in to the best example the world can provide and want to make sure I have not missed something before I start.   This is the main point of displaying this car.  Here is where I am at;  I can find a higher optioned car than this (DeElegance), I can even find one that the #s are lower on the odometer than this.  I can even find what is considered a better year than this car.  The thing I have NOT been able to do is find a better condition car as a whole desirable package than this example with a near money no object budget.  I am looking every day, utilizing every venue and every feeler I can put out, just as this is ad is one of those feelers!

  If you have a really nice Brougham and want to sell please LET ME KNOW!   Look at these photos hard... If you think you know of a better one, I am your guy!!   If you want to buy this car, you can but I this is not some typical Brougham and is price reflects what you see...  I am marketing really just to show you what I am looking to improve on.  Although I have hidden in my collection a new in wrapper Hatteras Blue Brougham DeElegance (800 miles) I have yet to unveil on my site, this red is a better looking car as a whole and is really in a little better shape too despite this car showing considerable higher #s on the ODO.  So far this is THE car I can present as possibly the best of the best after constant searching.

  A nicer example that would get my attention would be a Brougham of 80-81 or 86-89 and must have a factory Astro Roof!!!!  DeElegance would be nice but not a must.   The miles must be sub 5000 miles or in sub 5K mile condition as this car, and the car must wear 100% original paint.   The color can be this firemist color or black for the dream car.....  Others considered but not green/brown/gold/beige.  Beggars can't be choosers right???  Well I am not begging, I am paying!  I have bought the best of these cars for the past 10 years that come up in any venue and at top market prices, just as I did this one.  My hopes are that there just may be just one magic car that I have missed or has not surfaced, thus my appeal here......   Yea, I know keep dreaming.....  I have left out the HT4100 years (82-85) as they are just too hard to convert to a good engine.   I may consider a 4100 if the car fits the bill 100% perfect, but those are REALLY tough to deal with, not to mention I have one of the best of those already and care not to convert it.    If you have one of these top examples of (80-81, 86-89) cars and want to sell,  I will buy yours at TOP market dollar and sell this one......   You may think I have left out the 90-92 5.7.  I have not, I just I would not convert one of those... They are nice the way they came!     However, I WILL buy your low mile 5.7 car in a good color too!

If this car pictured here gets the conversion destiny, it will get a 550HP 500CID custom built Cadillac engine, a built up TH400 and a 1979 Fleetwood Cadillac 12 bolt 3:08 rear disk Differential + suspension work and more.  When done it will still look the same but actually run and handle while still retaining original integrity!  That is what I do best with these cars.   As you probably know, this is an Oldsmobile as it sits as all 86-89s are.  The olds is a good motor compared to the 4100s, but not very powerful in the scheme of things.  Many people already have seen the 500 CID I have done and understand what I am talking about here.  Some others may just be wondering why would someone take a perfect classic Cadillac and rip the engine out of it! 

Take a look at THIS to begin to understand.

If you are interested in this car, expect darn near total perfection.  Now perfection was not achieved when these cars were built, but its the best of the best of the Broughams left on this planet.... That I can guarantee.



89 Brougham on the red carpet.  Let it sit for a year, it will not drip a drop!


80-92 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.  One of the best looking cars ever made!

Perfect body lines!

Straight as an arrow every inch!

Beautiful and perfect factory wire wheels.

Not even my 800 mile Brougham has this type of reflectivity.  Paint is unreal on this car.

Another "picture worth 1000 words" shot

Zoom in on this one!

Its been sat in, but not much.

The interior of this car is flawless in every manner.

Original paperwork.  Click to zoom.  Bought in Texas in 89.

"1" Plate is for show.  This is a Texas car.

Never in weather... Really....

Nothing dolled up, nothing touched up.  All belts hoses, lines original and PERFECT!

Hood blanket says quite a bit about this cars condition!

All 4 like this.

Flawless headliner

No undercoating, no "zebart" type stuff, all original 100% and like new.

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